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This app was totally inaccurate. Would not recommend.

Not accurate

Not only are the bus times and locations inaccurate, but the actual bus routes are out of date and incorrect. Not a useful app at all right now.

Hit or miss

Sometimes this app is spot on and sometimes this app claims a bus is coming or has already come when it is running early or late and then this app is completely useless. I would consider paying for this app if it was consistently accurate/I could see the location of buses on the map. The trip planning feature is amazing when it works correctly.

Not accurate

Goes from 2 minutes to due then disappears (only next buses) yet still 1-2 minutes still before bus arrive. If it was more accurate I would purchase the app instead of free commercial version.

Nice looking, but not always accurate

Good looking app, but has made me miss a few buses bc it wasn’t accurate to the minute. I finally got to the bus stop early and saw the app go from 2 mins to arriving as the bus pulled up. Also, I wish their was a real time map like other apps.


Love it! Once you get to use this app right you never miss you bus, It's always on time and on The money... I would definitely highly recommend! 🚌 😊


Doesn't easily give information on Outbound Ashmont bound trains on Red Line. When you can find mention of an Ashmont train, the information is for a Braintree train or completely wrong. Since I need an Ashmot train, the app is useless for me. I have successfully used this app for buses and the info was spot-on. The interface is not intuitive at all.

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